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April 29, 2008

Homeplace Group Announces Homeplace-America.com Launch on Memorial Day, 2008

Homeplace Group, is a leading supplier in furniture, accessories, hospitality beds, Sleep Lab Beds, adjustable beds, bed frames, frame parts, adapters, clamps, bed risers, trundles, mirror supports, bed rails, glides, replacements parts, rollaway beds, hideaway beds and other parts for home related furnishings. As part of their continuing commitment in support of American industry, Homeplace Group announces the Memorial Day launch of Homeplace-America.com.

High Point, NC (PR WEB) April 29, 2008 -- It seems that the "Made in America" logo is not seen much anymore. No matter what one is purchasing, the chances are very good that it will bear the manufacture logo of a foreign country. Homeplace Group is changing the tide by addressing this phenomenon with their new website, Homeplace-America.com.

By selling only goods "Made in America", Homeplace-America.com is promoting product safety and loyalty to American industry and initiative. Homeplace Group has always featured American made products on its family of websites, but their new website will feature ONLY quality made American products.

Homeplace-America.com invites the public to be supportive of American industry by visiting their website on May 26th and checking-out their extensive inventory of "Made in America" products. The complete URL address for their website will be www.Homeplace-America.com. Also, Homeplace Group invites all manufacturers not currently represented on Homeplace-America.com, to place their American made products on the web site. Any American made product is welcome. Homeplace-America.com could thus function as a convenient access location for consumers interested in supporting American manufacturing across a broad spectrum of products.

Manufacturers interested in placing their products on Homeplace-America.com should contact Ron Matzick, Vendor Relations, at the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Many Americans have become wary about the safety of imported goods and feel that American-made products have the quality, reliability, and safety they have come to expect. Prices may be a little more for domestic products, but the quality and safety concerns are the equalizing factors.

By educating the public and taking the mystery out of buying American-made items, Homeplace Group stands alone in its marketing efforts to aide the public in making an investment in America. In fact, if you are seeking particular products and want them to be made in America, contact the folks at Homeplace.

Join the revolution this Memorial Day, support American Business, the American worker and the American economy, shop online at www.Homeplace-America.com