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June 16, 2008

Made In USA Website, Homeplace-America.com Introduces the Standard and Premier Flex-A-Bed Adjustable Beds with Choice of Mattresses

Homeplace-America.com, newest member of the Homeplace Group network, is a leading supplier for adjustable beds, bed frames, bedding, furniture, furniture parts, home wares, roll-away beds, mattresses, furniture repair kits, storage items, wood bed rails, and many other items for the home. Homeplace-America.com is unique because it specializes in distributing Made in USA products and merchandise.

High Point, NC (PRWEB) June 16, 2008 -- Homeplace-America.com is introducing the Flex-A-Bed Adjustable Electric Bed sleep system. Flex-A-Bed adjusts the bed to your body, giving you a great night's sleep, enabling you wake up feeling refreshed and helps certain medical conditions. Ordinary beds require you to twist and turn, trying to get comfortable. But Flex-A-Bed adjusts to fit your body exactly. A high-density foam foundation supports the mattress perfectly and conforms to the articulating frame. This precise support takes the strain off back muscles. You will instantly feel the comfort that brings on a restful and relaxing sleep.

Sleeping on a Flex-A-Bed Adjustable electric Bed can bring real relief from ailments such as arthritis, acid reflux, asthma, hiatal hernias, phlebitis, swollen legs and feet, as well as neck and back pain. Even if you do not suffer from these ailments, the Flex-A-Bed Adjustable Bed can help you consistently rest better.

Flex-A-Bed builds every bed, even the mattress at their Georgia, USA factory. They form and weld each bed frame, then they paint and seal it to protect it from moisture. Plus, they manufacture each of their mattresses in house. They are the only manufacturer of adjustable beds that builds, not buys each bed and mattress.

Because Flex-A-Bed Adjustable Bed builds every bed, they confidently stand behind their product. Every Flex-A-Bed is backed by an industry-leading warranty. The Flex-A-Bed Premier comes with a lifetime warranty which covers the entire bed, each and every component and design feature, without exception. It is also transferable.

Visitors at Homeplace-America are encouraged to be a part of the revolution to purchase products that are made in the USA. If there is an American product in which you are interested, but do not see featured on Homeplace-America contact the company. If you are a manufacturer of American-made products and you would like to see it featured on their website, you are invited to let Homeplace-America know by using the form on their "Contact Us" page. The complete URL address for their website is http://www.homeplace-america.com.

Homeplace-America has the goal to feature manufacturers of American-made products from every state in the Union. No other specialty website is selling only American products.

By selling only goods "Made in USA", Homeplace-America.com is promoting product safety and loyalty to American industry and initiative. Many Americans have become wary about the safety of imported goods and feel that American-made products have the quality, reliability, and safety they have come to expect. Prices may be a little more for domestic products, but the quality and safety concerns are the equalizing factors. For more information visit their website at http://www.Homeplace-America.com or call them toll-free at: 1-800-823-4233.