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July 8, 2008

Homeplace Expressions, a Division of Homeplace Group, Announces the Fu-Chest™ Folding Cabinet Bed

Homeplace Expressions, a division of Homeplace Group, specializes in distinctive furnishings and charming accessories-- all made in the U.S.A. with a limited lifetime warranty. Product elegance, functionality, and durability are the hallmarks of Homeplace Expressions.

(PressMethod) - High Point, NC July 8, 2008 --Homeplace Group announces its licensing agreement with Arason Enterprises Inc. to manufacture the Fu-Chest Folding Cabinet Bed.

The Fu-Chest will be an all wood product, fully assembled and made in the United States. The cabinet will be based on the Cosmopolitan design and available in one size to fit a Full Size Mattress, along with two finishes (Light Natural and Dark Espresso). Standard hardware would be included, but optional hardware is available for customization or exclusive availability.

Homeplace Group can customize the Fu-Chest to meet the needs of stocking dealers purchasing more than 100 units per year. This may include exclusive finishes, hardware and/or mattresses not otherwise available to others. Because the Fu-Chest is now Made in U.S.A., specialized or exclusive requirements can easily be accommodated. The Fu-Chest will be available for export as well.

The Fu-Chest appears to be an attractive wooden chest, but it easily opens to a full-length bed. There is no need to move this spare bed into a closet or storage room when it is not in use. It remains in its primary location, functioning as an attractive chest when not being used as a comfortable full-size spare bed. The Fu-Chest thus saves its owner not only space, but also work.

The Fu-Chest will be sold to online merchants and catalog distributors. Dealers are invited to contact Homeplace Group if they are interested in carrying the Fu-Chest. The Fu-Chest has been known as the low cost alternative to the Murphy Bed.

For more information call Homeplace Group direct toll free at 1-800-823-4233.