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September 8, 2008

BedFrameParts.com Introduces the EZ-Lift Center Support Single Rail System

BedFrameParts.com, part of the Homeplace Group network, is a leading supplier in bed frames, frame parts, accessories, adapters, clamps, bed risers, trundles, mirror supports, bed rails, glides, replacement parts, rollaway beds, hideaway beds, and other parts for home related furnishings.

High Point, NC (PRESS METHOD) September 8, 2008 -- Is your mattress suffering from SMS, Sagging Mattress Syndrome? If it is, help is at hand with the EZ-Lift Center Support System.

Center Support Systems for mattresses prevent sagging, squeaking, shifting, bowing, and cracking. That "free frame" you received when you purchased your mattress may be doing your mattress harm. Most likely, you received a cheap promotional frame which offers no center support and less than average weight load capacity.

Unknown to most consumers, mattress manufacturer's warranties may be void if sufficient center support is not provided with additional cross supports and legs for complete stability.

The EZ-Lift Center Support System consists of one cross support per box with either one or two center support legs. It is the ideal support system for when all you need is "a little in the middle".

The EZ-Lift Center Support System is available in various configurations for use with both wood or metal rails, wood or metal beds, and with bed heights ranging from 7 1/8" up to 17 5/8". The EZ-Lift Center Support System works with beds of all sizes: Full, Queen, King, California King, or custom in-between sizes. The EZ-Lift Center Support System is a perfect retrofit for medium duty applications.

The EZ-Lift Center Support System will prolong the life of your mattress, increase your comfort level, and reduce or eliminate the unwanted squeaking and creaking sometimes caused by inadequately supported mattresses. Those who need a super heavy duty center support system should consider the Powerlift Center Support System, also available from BedframeParts.com.

For more information on the EZ-Lift Center Support System, visit their website at www.bedframeparts.com/center-supports.htm or call them direct toll free at 1-800-823-4233.