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September 15, 2008

LegDaddy.com Wants Everyone to Have Great Legs

LegDaddy.com, newest member of the HomePlace Group network, is a leading supplier in sofa, couch and chair legs, furniture parts, bed frames, frame parts, accessories, adapters, clamps, bed risers, trundles, mirror supports, bed rails, glides, replacement parts, rollaway beds, hideaway beds, and other parts for home related furnishings.

High Point, NC (PRESS METHOD) September 15, 2008 -- Everyone needs great legs on their sofa and Leg Daddy is here to provide (as a good daddy should) all the quality legs you need.

Sofa, couch, or chair legs can get really worn, scratched, and dated. An inexpensive legLeg Daddy replacement can update and revitalize your room. A replacement set of longer sofa legs can make getting on and off the sofa easier.

Updating your sofa with new sofa legs is much less expensive than purchasing a new sofa and it is environmentally friendly also.

By fixing your old sofa and legs, it will not be taking up room in a landfill. The average sofa or couch can take up to 63 cubic feet of landfill space. Also, the average sofa decomposes very slowly and adds approximately 7,000 pounds of Greenhouse Gases to the atmosphere.

LegDaddy maintains that folks can help the environment - repairing your stuff, and not simply discarding it. Get some LegDaddy for your sofa, couch, furniture, divan or chair.

LegDaddy features simple universal designs for easy installation.All types of chair, couch, divan, or sofa legs are available and all LegDaddy legs are built to withstand the pressures of everyday living.

Quantity discounts are offered on all LegDaddy.com products and contract orders can be accommodated. LegDaddy.com will customize your order to meet any needs, including parts for hotels and the hospitality trade. They maintain that they can ship any quantity worldwide.

By educating the public and taking the mystery out of buying replacement parts for sofas and other furniture items, LegDaddy.com stands alone in its marketing efforts to aid the public to gain the most from their furniture investment. Shipment can be arranged anywhere and LegDaddy.com can accommodate special orders.

LegDaddy makes buying replacement sofa legs easy and affordable.

For more information visit their website at www.LegDaddy.com or call them direct toll free at 1-877-609-6991.