• LegDaddy.com

    Leg Daddy The Leg Daddy logo is eye catching, but the furniture legs it represents are even more eye catching. They come in a large selection of shapes, sizes, finishes, materials, and attachment methods. Unfinished legs are also available for those who would prefer to apply their own finish.

    Leg Daddy furniture legs are available to compliment virtually any decor. A new set of legs can make a surprisingly rejuvenating difference to an older furniture item. If the attachment point for a hanger bolt leg has been damaged, Leg Daddy can assist with an easy repair. New legs can be used to easily raise or lower one's furniture if a height adjustment is desired.
  • Bed Claw

    Bed Claw® For anyone who is a Do-It-Yourselfer or a Fix-It-Upper, Bed Claw® is a true friend in need. Bed Claw® has all kinds of parts for bed repair or even for making a new bed. The parts fit and fit correctly. Bed Claw® parts are strong and are built to last for generations. They are made from heavy gauge steel.

    Detailed measurements and high resolution photographs are furnished along with descriptive text, so that the customer can be assured that he is purchasing the correct part for his project. Knowledgeable sales staff are available to help with part selection and installation. With Bed Claw®, one can make a simple repair , transform a bed, or build a completely new bed.

    Bed Claw® and the stylized bedCLAW® logo are registered trademarks of Homeplace Group, Inc.
  • SofaSnap.com

    Sofa Snap®Sectional Sofas afford a lot of flexibility in furniture placement. They are adaptable enough to be used in the smallest of rooms and can be arranged around other furniture. Sectional sofas allow utilization of space that would otherwise go unused. Sectional sofas are easily adapted to new rooms after a move.

    But, sectional sofas have a big disadvantage -- the sections do not always stay together. As the furniture is used and people bump into the sections, they tend to become unaligned. Sofa Snap will keep sectionals together. Sections can be unattached and reattached easily when the need arises. Several types of Sofa Snap® brackets are available.

    Sofa Snap® is a registered trademark of Homeplace Group, Inc.

  • HospitalityBed.com

    HospitalityBed.comAll of us want to put our best foot forward when we have guests. No matter whether we are a homeowner or a hotel/motel manager with an overnight guest -- we want our guests to be comfortable while they are with us. Even rollaway beds can be comfortable when they have the Hospitality Bed label.

    Hospitality Bed can help you fulfill your need to keep your overnight guests comfortable. When you purchase any bed, bed base, bed frame, mattress, bed part, or repair kit with the Hospitality Bed label, you can be assured that your guests will thanking you for a good night's rest. Be prepared, however. Return visits may start happening more frequently.
  • SleepLabAdjustableBed.com

    SleepLabAdjustableBed.comThe name Sleep Lab is synonomous with quality built, commercial grade adjustable beds and adjustable bed accessories. Sleep Lab Adjustable Beds are equally at home in a residential or health care facility setting. They look good, perform well, and are backed with a Lifetime Warranty.

    Sleep Lab Adjustable Beds/Power Foundations have a 600 lb. weight capacity. Custom solutions tailored to specific needs are available to purchasers. From sitting up to watch TV in bed or enjoying a soothing massage to spinal decompression and acid reflux relief -- Sleep Lab Adjustable Beds/Power Foundations offer improved health and comfort benefits.
  • GashGuards.com

    GashGuards.comThe Gash Guards brand represents attention to detail and a continued commitment to customer safety and convenience. Many bedframes have exposed rough and sharp ends. This condition represents a safety hazard for people and pets as well as a potential for snagging and tearing sheets.

    Gash Guards are designed to cover those rough sharp bed frame ends thus preventing torn sheets and scratched ankles and legs. Pets are also provided with a safer environment in which to live and play. With three sizes, the chances are very good Gash Guards can cover your sharp bed frame ends too. Public facilities can also benefit from the protection afforded by Gash Guards.
  • BedSnap.com

    BedSnap.com Necessity has been referred to as the mother of invention. From our unmet needs or necessities, inventions arise which address our needs and thus improve the quality of our life. This account pretty well describes how the initial idea and development of the Bed Snap occurred.

    Wooden bed rails can sometimes become loose over time. The hook plate is no longer able to provide a firm fit between the rail and the headboard/footboard. The Bed Snap, which screws on, allows the wooden bed rail to be firmly attached to the headboard/footboard with the steel lugs on the two part Bed Snap. The bed rail can still be easily removed.
  • SonnoRx.com

    SonnoRx.comFor the consumer who is seeking to rejuvenate their current mattress and avoid the expense of complete mattress replacement, the SonnoRx mattress topper may be the perfect solution. The SonnoRx fits on top of the current mattress to provide additional comfort and health benefits.

    With the SonnoRx mattress topper the consumer can pamper himself with penetrating heat, the softness of double loft, the protection of stain/moisture guard, the moisture wicking qualities of eco-bamboo, and enjoy the relaxation of pressure point relief. All models are quality made in the United States and offer advanced functionality for any current mattress.