• PlanetBed.com

    PlanetBed.com Whether you are purchasing a new bed, repairing an old bed, making a bed from scratch yourself, or just purchasing bedding -- Planet Bed can help you with your project. Planet Bed sells all kinds of beds from rollaway and hideaway beds to power foundation beds with programmable settings.

    Parts -- Planet Bed sells parts for beds you probably did not even know existed. If you have a need, but have no idea what part you might need, give us a visit or call. Chances are we can determine what part you need and with our huge inventory we will probably have the part in stock ready for immediate shipment. Assistance can also be provided if an installation problem is encountered.
  • HomeplaceParts.com

    HomeplaceParts.com Whether you are a Do-It-Yourselfer from way back or someone attempting a repair or replacement for the first time -- Homeplace Parts makes parts easy. Parts are arranged logically by category and by brand. There is also an easy to use Search Feature to aid in locating the correct part.

    High Resolution photographs, detailed descriptions, even easy-to-view illustrations showing how to install many of the parts are available. Parts Specialists are available to provide assistance when needed. Even if you do not know which part you need, our Parts Specialists can help make that determination based on the project you are undertaking.
  • SofaLegCatalog.com

    SofaLegCatalog.comA catalog of sofa legs? That's right. A catalog and warehouse filled with sofa legs. All sizes, all colors, all styles -- SofaLegCatalog has it all. Hanger bolt mount, screw mount, dowel mount, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) mount, metric and standard legs. Sofa Leg Catalog - the sofa leg resource.

    Sofa Legs often need replacement. A missing or loose sofa leg can place stress on the entire sofa frame. A large selection of sofa leg related hardware is available, including the Sofa Snap for keeping sectional sofas together. It is important to note that Sofa Legs look well not just on sofas, but also chairs, ottomans, and other furniture pieces with legs. 
  • AdjustaMatt.com

    AdjustaMatt.comAdjustaMatt is a valuable resource for persons owning an adjustable bed. The entire site is devoted to mattresses designed specifically for the adjustable bed. Many persons owning a power foundation will eventually want / need to replace or upgrade their existing mattress.

    AdjustaMatt offers both foam and spring power foundation mattress for residential and institutional situations. Mattresses can also be custom made to the specifications of the customer. AdjustaMatt is an excellent comprehensive power foundation mattress resource for the residential and institutional consumer.
  • FurniturePartsOnline.com

    FurniturePartsOnline.comFurniture Parts Online's extensive inventory allows the consumer to maintain their furniture in good repair with parts that fit and perform as good as or better than the original equipment. The proper parts manufactured to exact dimensions and standards, makes repairs and upgrades easy.

    The knowledgeable sales staff are familiar with the parts and able to advise customers on the proper part needed for their application. Assistance is also available if the customer has a question about the installation procedure for their part. Furniture Parts Online -- a good resource for the Furniture Do-It-Yourselfer.
  • WoodBedRails.com

    WoodBedRails.comThere is no denying the look of warmth and character that a set of wood bed rails can give to a bed. Appearance can be important whether one is putting together a new bed or repairing / upgrading an older bed. The rails at Wood Bed Rails are available in a variety of sizes and finishes.

    The wood rails are made of laminated hardwood, for strength and stability, with top edge veneer bonded faces. Bed hooks are built in for easy, secure connections to the headboard and footboard. A lip runs the length of the rail to accommodate slats or a center support system. Center Support Systems are also available.
  • AdjustableBedCenter.com

    AdjustableBedCenter.comMost people do more than just sleep in bed. Many read or watch TV in bed. And that late breakfast in bed can be a treat also. The power foundation bed allows one to expand the use of their bed from just a place to sleep. A relaxing environment is created which helps one recharge and awake refreshed.

    The Adjustable Bed Center is a comprehensive resource for power foundation beds. Beds and mattress are featured in economy, standard, and heavy duty ratings. Special needs units are featured including bariatric models. Wall Hugging models are featured which maintain the same head to wall distance regardless of bed position.

  • HomeplaceCanada.ca

    HomeplaceCanada.caHomeplace Canada was begun to better serve our Canadian customers. No price conversion is necessary as all prices are listed in Canadian dollars. Homeplace Canada maintains warehouse storage space in Canada; import fees are avoided and faster delivery times are accomplished.

    Homeplace Canada features Adjustable Power Foundation Beds, quality Bed Frames, Bed Frame & Furniture Parts for repair and upgrade projects, attractive Furniture Collections, Home Healthcare Products, beautifully designed and functional Wine Cellar Cabinets, and beautifully crafted Glassware items.
  • CanadaBedFrames.com

    CanadaBedFrames.caCanada Bed Frames continues our tradition of providing the best possible service for our Canadian neighbors. Prices are listed in Canadian dollars; no conversion is necessary. Canada Bed Frames maintains warehouse space in Canada; thus, delivery times are faster with no import fees.

    Bed Frames (many different styles and sizes), Bed Frame Parts, Converter Rails, Bed Bases, Center Supports, Day Bed Top Springs and Pop-Up Frames, Footboard Attachment Kits, and Headboards/Footboards -- are all carried by Canada Bed Frames. For building a new bed or improving an old bed, Canada Bed Frames can help.
  • SleepLabAdjustableBed.com

    SleepLabAdjustableBed.comSleep Lab Adjustable Bed is all about the premium power foundation bed, the Sleep Lab. This bed, used in many well known medical facilities across the nation, is also available for individual purchase as well. Sleep Lab will work to provide Custom Solutions tailored to your specific needs and situation.

    Depending on the Sleep Lab model, features to be found include - but are not limited to - lift chair functionality, spinal decompression, massage, whisper quiet motor, wall hugger convenience, memory position recall, battery back-up, 600 lb. weight capacity, reverse trendlenberg function, and Lifetime Warranty on all beds.
  • HomeplaceMall.com

    HomeplaceMall.comNo drive through traffic to reach the mall, no parking problems, no long walk inside to the store(s) you need to visit -- Homeplace Mall is the paragon of convenience. From the safety of your home you can do your shopping on-line. The selection is large and the products well presented.

    Homeplace Mall features a large selection of bed frames, bedding, furniture, garden items - including window boxes, hiding beds, home spa products, housewares, mattresses, furniture and bed parts, and sofa legs. Just think of all the gas, time, and parking lot car dings you will save by shopping at Homeplace Mall.
  • FurnitureGalore.com

    FurnitureGalore.comFurniture direct from High Point, NC -- Furniture Galore offers a large selection of beautiful, quality furniture in multiple categories: Bedroom, Juvenile, Living Room, Dining, Office, and Outdoor. A large selection of mattresses, lighting fixtures, and accessories are also available.

    The customer is not limited to the furniture groupings as presented. Custom groupings can be created to meet customer needs. Please contact our Sales Staff if interested. The customer may take up to 3 months to pay with no credit check with the 90-Day Flex Pay option. Selection, service, and payment options -- Furniture Galore.
  • HarpsOnly.com

    HarpsOnly.comHarps Only -- only has harps, but it has a lot of harps -- Heather Harps, Celtic Harps, Gothic Harps, Small Size Harps, Medium Size Harps, and Large Size Harps. These affordable but beautiful and beautifully sounding instruments are ideal for the beginning harpist.

    In addition to Harps, Harps Only also carries harp related items: music books, harp music CDs, and harp instructional DVDs -- all designed to enhance the learning experience of the beginning harpist. Music enhances the emotional and intellectual development of children; Harps Only can help in that process. Other age groups can also benefit.
  • BedFrameCatalog.com

    BedFrameCatalog.comFor the "Do-It-Yourselfer" or the "Fix-It-Upper", Bed Frame Catalog is an unbelievably comprehensive resource, not only for bed frames, but also all manner of bed parts. Just looking around the website can give one tons of project ideas.

    Bed Frame Parts can assist the consumer in repairing a damaged bed, upgrading or otherwise altering an existing bed to meet changing needs, or building a completely new bed from scratch. Knowledgeable and experienced staff stand ready to provide assistance, if needed, either before or after one's purchase.
  • Rollaway-Bed.com

    Rollaway-Bed.comThe American made rollaway beds at Rollaway-Bed.com will accommodate nearly every need for extra comfortable sleeping capacity. From the heavy-gauge coil springs center support to the fixed axle and large wheels -- they are commercial grade, built to last.

    Rollaway beds available in three widths (30", 39", and 48") and two lengths (72" and 80"). A Heavy-Duty model is available with a weight capacity of 400 lbs. A wide selection of mattresses is also available in innerspring, foam, and Wovatec fibreLOFT. Rollaway bed accessories and bedding for the rollaway are also available.